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    • Why should I have a virtual mailbox?

      There are number of reasons customers use SnapMailbox. If you have a home-based business, you may not want your home address to be a matter of public record or have it listed as your business address. Instead, you can use one of our addresses to increase both your privacy and your prestige. Other people travel and want to know they won’t miss an important bill or letter. With SnapMailbox, you can see all of your mail from your smartphone from anywhere you can get service. SnapMailbox also helps you organize your mail with scans of all mail that can be stored electronically or easily re-directed by you straight from your account.

    • How does SnapMailbox work?

      When we receive your non-junk mail, we scan the outside of it and upload it to your account. You will receive an email notification that a piece of mail has been scanned. From your inbox or your secure cloud-based account, you can tell us to forward the mail to you, open it and scan the contents or shred it. When we scan it, the mail is stored in your account.

    • What types of mail or packages does SnapMailbox accept?

      We accept almost anything the U.S. Postal Service accepts. That means nothing alive or illegal. Also, we won’t take any packages that require payment on delivery such as C.O.D. or restricted mail. We also have weight and size restrictions--no packages in excess of 75 pounds or more than 2 square feet in volume. We do accept deliveries from private carriers such as UPS, FedEx and DHL.

    • What address can I use?

      You can select whichever address we have in our inventory. These are real physical addresses and not P.O. Boxes. Click here to see our list of addresses.

    • When can you start accepting mail or packages for me?

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    • Exactly what will my address look like?

      The exact address depends on which one ultimately select. We can tell you that your address will look like a professional office suite. By way of example it will likely look something like

      ACME Corporation
      555 Main Street Ste# 5555 SMB 001
      Springfield, Missouri 99999

      There are a couple of options, but we can tell you that there will be no P.O. Box on your business cards or letterhead and no trips to the post office to get your mail.

    • What if I want a SnapMailbox address in another city or state other than what is listed?

      We may still be able to help. We can work with many commercial mailbox services near your preferred location who can then send us the mail for online processing into your account. Many services offer street addresses. If you can set it up to have your mail forwarded to us, then we can process it online and into your account. To avoid treating your forwarded mail as a package if it comes bundled, you will need to notify us if you are having your mail forwarded to us from your own commercial mailbox

    • What packages are available?

      We have a number of packages with different pricing structures to fit your needs. Click here to reason more about our various packages.

    • Can I change my plan?

      Yes. Unless you sign up for a longer term, some of our plans are monthly and we can make whatever adjustments you want at the end of each month. You may be able to save money by signing up for one of our annual plans if you have a good handle on what package best fits your needs.

    • Can I use my SnapMailbox address as my official business address with my state agencies?

      If the form asks for an address other than a P.O. Box, you can list your physical SnapMailbox address.

    • Do you provide registered agent services?

      We are not authorized to serve as your registered agent for service of process. In some circumstances in some jurisdictions, we can be served as your agent, but we are not a registered agent. We have a strategic alliance with a registered agent service provider with registered agent services in all 50 states that offer special discounts for SnapMailbox customers.

    • Do I have to send all my mail to my SnapMailbox address?

      Not necessarily. You can tell select people and use your SnapMailbox address for whatever limited manner you want. If you file an official Change of Address form with the USPS, then all of your mail will be forwarded from your old address to this new one. To use it in a more limited manner, you simply provide your new SnapMailbox address to the people or company you want to send you mail at that address so you can limit it to just certain types of mail if you want.

    • Can I use my SnapMailbox address when I register my domain name with WHOIS?

      Absolutely. When you sign up for a domain name, you either have to pay extra for a private proxy service or use your personal address for the public WHOIS record. If you use your SnapMailbox address we will weed out the junk mail that is sent to a domain name registrants and keep your home address private.

    • Do you have an Affiliate Program?

      We do not have a formal program up and running yet, but if you are interested in being involved when we launch it, drop us a line at

    • How do I get started?

      It will take you a few minutes to sign up for an address and create your account. We will instantly send you a filled out Form 1583 that will require your notarized signature. You will also have to send us copies of two forms of identification. In the meantime, you can start using the new address. We won’t be authorized, however, to process your mail until we have your completed Form 1583. Once we have that, we will be authorized to receive and forward your mail.

    • Why do I need to fill out a Form 1583?

      The law requires us to have an original of the completed Form 1583 from you before we can process your mail.

    • How long does it take to have everything in place once you receive my Form 1583?

      We set up your account the same day we receive your completed form. We will notify you of the receipt of the form and that your SnapMailbox account is ready. If you send us your form and do not hear from us within a couple of days, reach out to us to check on the status.

    • How do I change my address with the USPS?

      You will need to file a Change of Address (COA) with the USPS. You should also notify people who send you mail of your new address. The COA can be temporary or permanent. You can file it online with the USPS, make the request over the phone or file it in person at the post office. Your account will include a PS Form 3575 with your new SnapMailbox address that you can use. You will likely need to verify your identity. You can read more about the Change of Address process here: USPS Change of Address FAQ -

      By filing the COA, you won’t have to worry if you forgot to notify a mail sender about your new address. The USPS will confirm the change by sending a letter to your “old” address if you notified the USPS you have not moved, but will be changing your address soon. More often, the USPS sends a Permanent Change of Address Confirmation Letter to your new address which will be available in your SnapMailbox account. The USPS also often sends a Welcome Kit to your new address.

      According to the USPS, they will forward your mail from your old address to your new address for 12 months for most mail and up to 60 days for periodicals and magazines. The USPS usually processes the COA request so that new mail begins showing up at the new location in about 7 to 10 business days.

      If everyone in one household with the same last name wants their mail sent to the new address, one COA will suffice. Unfortunately, if you want the mail for more than person with different last names in the same household to go to a new location, you will have to file a COA for each individual or group of people with the same last name.

      If you have your business mail being sent to your home address, you will have to file a COA for your business mail. If you are sending both your personal and your business mail to your new SnapMailbox address, you will need to file two forms.

    • What payments do you accept?

      We accept all major credit and debit cards. Other than account set up, which requires a credit or debit card, we will also accept bank-issued checks, cashier checks and money orders. We are initiating PayPal payments. Have another method of payment you would like to make, let us know at

    • Can I share my account or have one account for my business?

      Yes. You can set it up so that mail can be assigned to a number of individuals within your home or organization so they can each receive their mail efficiently and without the need to worry about mail being lost in transit.

    • How long does it take to get my forwarded mail?

      We use either the U.S. Post Office or an equivalent to forward your mail. For an additional charge, we can expedite the forwarding of any package or mail to you.

    • When do you scan the mail?

      Your mail will usually be scanned into your account within one business day from when it arrives in our central processing location, but it usually occurs on the same day. Most of the time, it takes on average of three to five days for an item to arrive at our central processing location from one of our real physical address locations. When you request a scan of the item, it usually occurs within one business day, or we can expedite it upon request. If we receive your mail forwarding request before 11:00 a.m., then we usually send it out that day and you have the option of choosing the forwarding speed.

    • How do you make sure my mail is secure and private?

      As stated in our privacy policy, we take commercially reasonable steps to protect your online information. All of our physical addresses implement security measures in line with the standards of the USPS. At our central processing facility, we screen all employees and restrict access to your physical mail. Other than international shipments that may require inspection, we won’t open your mail unless you tell us to. The scanning process is automated and fast-paced, so no one is “reading” your mail even when it is scanned.

    • What do you do with mail I don’t want?

      We securely shred any mail you ask us to discard or junk mail that comes to your account.

    • What do you do with packages?

      We either scan the top of packages or take a photo of any packages so you can tell us what you want us to do with it.

    • How do I access the mail you scan?

      You will have a secure cloud-based account with all of your mail available to you 24/7. As long as you have an active account with us, your scanned mail will be available for you to view, save offline, forward or delete.

    • Do you store my physical mail?

      We will store your mail for 60 days at no cost while we wait for your instructions. If you have not told us what to do with after 60 days, we will store your mail an additional 60 days pursuant to the additional storage fees in your plan. After 120 days, we will dispose of your mail. We can store your physical mail upon your request based on the terms in the package that fits right for you and your needs. Digital storage in your online account incurs no charge no matter how long it sits there.

    • Am I able to come to your location to pick up my mail?

      We do not have in person pick up services. This is primarily for security reasons. We service many customers and securely handle truckloads of mail. Meanwhile, each physical address is also secure, but not equipped to have individuals picking up packages.

    • Can you accept mail that requires a signature?

      Yes, we sure can!

    • Can I send you a letter to send out for me?

      Yes. If you upload a document to your account and order our mail out services, we reprint the item and place it in the mail as you instruct us. You will be charged the fee that comes with your plan.

    • How do you determine what is junk mail and what do you do with it?

      We know you don’t want your inbox, real or virtual, cluttered with junk mail. We therefore shred all junk mail that comes into your account before it is scanned and uploaded to your account. We err on the side of caution and will scan the outside if there is a question as to whether or not something is junk mail, but obvious unwanted mail is discarded without you having to ever worry about it and without it applying to any limits in your account.

    • What do you do with magazines or publications?

      We do not scan magazines or other bound materials such as books, catalogues, brochures or corporate annual statements. If you request a scan and the envelope contains one of these items, then we will notify you of the inability to scan the contents and offer you the opportunity to have the item forwarded to you which is much more cost effective for you.

    • How does the billing work?

      Your package includes a monthly subscription fee. Your monthly subscription is paid at the beginning of the month for your service for the rest of the month. For example, if you order on January 1 and have a 30-day free trial, we will ask for your credit card information, but not charge it immediately. At the end of January, we will charge your card the subscription fee for February and charge your card for any additional fees incurred during the month of January. There are no refunds, pro-rated or otherwise, for the monthly subscription payments. Unless otherwise set forth in your subscription plan, your subscription renews every thirty days using your sign-up date as the first day of service. Your monthly plan limits on mail forwarding or scans are based on the 30-day billing cycle and is reset after the expiration of 30 days.

      If your account incurs more than $25 per month in service fees (on top of your subscription), we reserve the right to charge your credit card during the month to bring your balance back to $0 in fees during that month.

    • What happens to my mail if I decide I no longer want to use SnapMailbox?

      We are required to accept your mail for at least six months from the date you terminate the relationship. We will work with you on a smooth transition, but there will be charges for forwarding any mail to you after termination of the service. We usually recommend you make arrangements to start making alternative arrangements at least two months before you terminate your account with us.

    • How does my account go into “Suspended” mode?

    • If my account is “suspended”, what happens to my mail?

      During the period of time your account is in “Suspended” mode, we send all mail back to the sender.

    • What is SnapMailbox’s refund policy?

      If you cancel during your initial free trial period, then we will fully refund the first month’s subscription fee and any other credits in your account. Used credits are not refundable. If you cancel after that, we will continue the service through the next business cycle in accordance with your plan. Any credits remaining in your account at the end of that period will be refunded to you. Subscription fees are not refundable.

    • What if I never use my SnapMailbox, can I get a refund then?

      Unfortunately not if you fail to terminate the account before the expiration of any applicable free trial period. The monthly subscription fee covers some of the costs associated with the account set up process and your payment pays for your right to use the mailbox number even if you decide not to use it. Upon sign-up, we reserve that number specifically for you.

    • How do I re-activate a suspended account?

      At your request, we can often re-active your account as long as the mailbox number we initially assigned to you is still available. We reserve the right to assess a re-activation fee of at least $25 if your suspension is based on more than one non-payment and we reserve the right to re-active accounts in accordance with the Terms of Service.

    • It won’t save my shipping address

      Sometimes autocomplete on your web browser will create issues with saving addresses. We recommend you fill in your shipping address on your own.

    • I am having issues with my credit card?

      If you list a foreign billing address with a U.S. credit card or try to use a Canadian credit card, our processor may raise an issue. If that is the case, contact us at or via chat.

    • I forgot or need to reset my password?

      Click on the link to Forgot Password on the login screen. You will need your email address connected to the account and either answer your security question or provide your mailbox number so we can send the email account a reset link.


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